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The Flight That Never Leaves on Time

Flight W62206 from London Luton airport to Budapest has not left on time once since last summer, it has been reported.

The Wizz Air flight has been delayed by anything from two minutes to 12 hours and 18 minutes since 1st June 2013, and has not once left within its scheduled time slot, and has amounted to a grand total of 293 consecutively late departures and up to 176 hours of waiting time for the airline's passengers on the way to the popular European city.
EUClaim, flight data specialists, revealed the statistics after figures for the delays were compiled using their online calculator that passengers can use to work out if they are entitled to compensation after a flight leaves later than its scheduled departure time.

When asked to comment, WizzAir dismissed the released data and said that the departure times do not qualify as delays, as they said industry standards applied and reinforced by the CAA "œdefine all flights departing within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time, as on time".

On this basis, 73% of the 295 departures that flight W62206 has made since last year were on time, a spokesperson told Telegraph Travel.

WizzAir usually operates a total of 28 routes out of London Luton airport, and the airline stated that in November 2013, its punctuality of 88% on all Luton flights compared well to the 87% punctuality of all other airlines at the same airport.

Only fifteen passengers have claimed hefty compensation of £215 for delays to their flight, but are also more than entitled to, under EU regulation which states if passengers have to wait for more than three hours, cancelled flights and instances when passengers have been denied boarding, they are entitled to compensation from the airline, providing the flight in question was departing from within the EU on an EU airline and the delay wasn't due to extraordinary circumstances like severe weather or technical issues.

For travellers considering to take the W62206 flight from Luton to Budapest, travel insurance is a good idea to protect your flight investment should it be significantly delayed, or whether your personal baggage is also late arriving into Budapest. It also protects against several other circumstances such as any medical expenses you may collect whilst abroad, cancellation, lost travel documents and damaged, lost or stolen personal possessions.

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