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The Best Valentine’s Restaurants for the Quirky Traveler

Whether you've been planning to whisk your loved one out for some fine dining on Valentine's Day or simply wanting a change of scenery, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, why not book a table at one of these more unusual restaurants...

There's nothing quite like eating aeroplane food while on a flight or travelling round the world. Well now you can experience the joys of aeroplane dining (albeit minus the flip down table and cup holder but a lot more room!) The staff are dressed as flight attendants and there is a wide variety of dishes on the menu (other than chicken or fish) for you to choose from.

The difference in this restaurant is that there are no waiters. Order your food via touch screen and it slides along a roller coaster track around the restaurant and on to your table courtesy of the kitchens above.

We wonder if ordering soup could get a little messy...

Possibly the best way of inviting someone to dinner who won't ever be late!

Each table has a telephone centerpiece - use it to ask another diner to have a dance, drink or join you at your table for 7pm.  What better way to simultaneously meet new people and try new food? Ingenious!

For £50 per couple Oxford Castle are holding a Valentine's 'lock in' with a three course meal. Sounds like a good deal right? The catch is Oxford Castle is in fact a prison and you and your significant other will be served your meal locked up in your own cell. Romance at its best.

It's not often you see your meal lit on fire and then catapulted in to the air. For the adventurous traveler, this is the perfect place to visit if you're looking for some entertainment as a side dish.

Riding on unicycles, your waiter will catch the appropriately named 'fly chicken' using their unicorn styled helmets, garnish it with flags and flowers, and then personally serve it to you in front of other applauding customers.

What unusual restaurants have you been to? Let us know!

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Happy Valentine's Day from Alpha Travel Insurance!

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