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The Battle for the Sun Lounger

A recent report by Travel Supermarket has revealed that when it comes to going away on holiday and bagging that exclusive spot by the pool, us Brits are learning a thing or two out of Germany's book.

The survey examined the travel trends of both UK and German holidaymakers with just over 4,000 individuals being surveyed. The survey showed that when it comes to money for booking and splashing out on trips abroad, Germans have more money and therefore tend to travel for much longer, as well as being more adventurous when choosing where to go; whereas on the other hand, Brits would favour visiting the same, or similar, place each year.

Other highlights from the survey included:

-          In 2015, Brits plan to spend 23% less money on holidays than Germans (£1,219 in 2015 compared with £1,582 in 2014).

-          Germans are more willing to travel further afield, be more active whilst abroad as well as eat healthily.

-          British holidaymakers are twice as likely to reserve a spot by the pool by placing their towel on a sun lounger.

-          Britons are three times more likely to drink whilst abroad, using their holiday as an excuse.

-          German travellers will travel for longer periods of time and are twice as likely to engage with the locals and experience new things.

Despite all the above findings, the survey also revealed that there was one area that we Brits are showing no desire to copy - wearing socks with sandals whilst abroad. According to the results of the survey, Germans are realising that this is a fashion faux pas with just 10% saying that they still favoured this look. Helps to prevent sand between your toes, but ankle tan lines are definitely not a good look!

What do you think of the survey results? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments!

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