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Take a Hike! Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro Added to Google Street Maps

Earlier this week, Google released the eagerly anticipated addition of Mount Everest Base Camp (Asia), Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mount Elbrus (Europe) and Mount Aconcagua (South America) to its Google Street Maps.

The addition of these four mountains provides an excellent thirst of adventure as travelers are able to take a virtual trek up to the mountain summits and experience the breathtaking views along the way. However, some of the most interesting views on an educational level are those of camps and mountain living conditions.

Google team member, Dan Fredinburg, captured all four of the mountains and says "œIt (Mount Aconcagua) was this out-of-world experience of entering into an environment where not many people go and knowing we were going to bring back that experience for others to see."

Each of these mountains forms part of the 'Seven Summits' - the highest mountain found in each of the seven continents in the world. We reckon that future additions to Google Street Maps will include Mount McKinley (North America), Mount Vinson (Antarctica) and Mount Kosciuszko (Australia) to complete the series.

Back in September 2012, Google launched a virtual dive of the Great Barrier Reef; and in January 2013, a tour of the Grand Canyon was the first to make it on to the elusive backpacking list. Combine this with Google Glass currently in the early stages of testing ( "œWill Google Glass Change the Way You See the World?"), future developments could allow ordinary individuals to be a 'Christopher Columbus' and become an important part of the Google mapping experience. For example, do you know a great hidden spot with an awesome view that you would like to share with the world? No problem, just record a Street Map view on your Google Glass device and send it directly to Google. Pretty cool, right? The possibilities are endless.

With more destinations planned on being rolled out on to Google Maps within the next few months, what would you like to see added? Comment and let us know! We're hoping for a guaranteed view of the Northern Lights, the ability to travel up in a hot air balloon or even paraglide, so we can cross them off our Google Map virtual bucket list... maybe next time!

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