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Squashed Knee Syndrome a Thing of the Past With New Sliding Seats

Lack of leg room and reclining plane seats have always been a hot topic of controversy among passengers travelling by air. Over the years, there have been many revamps of the airline seat, including widening to gain an extra inch or two, and even seats that forbid you to recline them at all; however these suggestions could be thrown out the airplane window completely with the introduction of a new concept that may change the comfort of plane travel forever.

In an era in which airlines are trying to accommodate passenger comfort combined with squeezing as many seats into an aircraft as possible to increase their profits, this has always been a tricky task to get right. A new legroom-adjusted seat dubbed the 'Knee Rescue Seat' is currently in the process of being considered for a patent to be made into a reality. The new seat offers an extra few inches of pure relief from squashed knees syndrome for anyone sitting in front of a child, for example, all thanks to adjustable wheels that are connected to a track on the floor of the plane. Why did no one think of this before!?

Should the seats be implemented, passengers will be required to disclose their height at check-in, and would only be able to be moved by the airline staff upon requesting for the seat to be moved. Not ideal having to ask every time you want your chair moved, but definitely a step in the right direction with regards to comfort, especially on long-haul journeys. Furthermore, the current 'one size fits all' seating arrangement can cause discomfort for tall passengers, whereas a child or shorter individual may have ample leg room (sometimes too much) and travel completely squashed-free.

Currently, the most uncomfortable airlines to travel on have reported to be Thomson, Spirit and Iberia, with just 28 inches of leg room per passenger.

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