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Snowboarder Shaun White Concerned Over Sochi Course

Today marks the beginning of the 22nd Winter Olympics which is being held at Sochi in Russia; however snowboarder Shaun White, 27, strongly believes that the course is interesting but too risky and dangerous.

The snowboard legend and Olympic champion made his comments after the breaking news that Norwegian Torstein Horgmo would be ruled out due to breaking his collarbone on the course.
White stated that the jumps themselves were too high, too difficult and that the course as a whole should be reassessed.

The course officials decided to take a second look at the course following the accident and reduced the height of some of the jumps by six feet (1.82m). However despite the changes, Czech Republic's Sarka Pancochova still feels that the jumps are too high, especially for female boarders or those who are smaller in height.

Despite the concerns from both White and Pancochova about the course, not all snowboarders are having the same thoughts. Many other participants believe that the jumps are awesome and not tricky or dangerous at all.

The Winter Olympic Games are held every four years and were first held in France in 1924. The 2014 games kick off tonight at 4pm.

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