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Snowboarding Travel Insurance

At Alpha Travel Insurance, we understand that once you have been snowboarding down a mountain with the endless blue sky above you, perfect white snow beneath you, the wind blowing through your hair and the adrenaline pumping through your body, you will be hooked. That's why we have designed a specialist snowboarding insurance travel policy specifically for snowboarders.

Our snowboard travel insurance policies offer:


As well as covering all aspects of snowboarding, we also offer first class cover for medical expenses, cancellation, cutting short your trip, legal expenses, personal possessions and baggage delay plus personal money cover.

Rest assured that even though we have packed a lot in to our cover, you will not be charged an extortionately high premium! We offer a great range of cover but at a fair and affordable price. So pack your snowboarding gear and head out to the slopes with complete peace of mind and live life to the full with Alpha!

What is snowboard travel insurance?

As a snowboarder you will be fully aware of the myriad of potential hazards and safety concerns specific to snowboarding trips and holidays abroad. Whether you are a multi trip snowboarder looking for the right cover for repeat travel or a single trip snowboarder looking for peace of mind before you go, we are here to help!

By offering a specialised snowboarding travel insurance policy, you can concentrate on making the most of your snowboarding holiday, safe in the knowledge that we have you covered should you need medical support or other travel based claims common to snowboard and winter sports based trips.

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