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Skiers no snow claims soar for 2015 season, but personal damages could rise next season

Travel insurance policy provider looks back at the ski season so far and looks ahead to travel insurance trends for the 2015/2016 season.

Ski resorts across Europe suffered from poor snowfall and unusually warm temperatures at the beginning of the season. Consequently, the proportion of no snow claims sharply increased this year when compared to last season. In the 2013/2014 winter sports season, just 7% of winter claims were made for no snow, whereas this season has seen almost half (44%) of these claims made for the same reason. However, the average cost per claim fell this season, with the average cost of a no snow claim for the 2013/2014 season as £109.76, compared with the current season which is £81.50 - a reduction of 26%.

However, while the contentious subject of skier safety and helmet usage has been brought to the forefront of consumers' minds in recent years, there is a risk of creating an illusion of safety, with several reported incidents of safety gadgets causing harm instead of protecting its user. New gadgets for skiers and snowboarders are introduced to the market each year, such as airbags for avalanche incidents. In one case reported this year, a skier was caught in an avalanche while skiing off-piste. Although he was prepared and was wearing an avalanche airbag, the deployment sent him hurtling into a tree.

Chantelle Dadd, Brand Manager, said: "Attitudes in the holiday industry are changing, with the onus being put back onto the customer when it comes to safety.

"œWith that in mind, injuries that involve another person carry a risk of being part of a liability claim later on, with the injured person(s) able to make a claim within three years after the incident, and children being able to do so until the age of 21. The rising popularity of personal injury lawyers reflects the way in which our culture is changing, showing that incidents while on holiday can extend beyond your own personal claim for medical expenses, often incurring hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more.

"œAlpha always recommends that holidaymakers take reasonable precautions when taking part in any activities and always make sure it is covered under the travel insurance policy."

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Author Bio: Chantelle Dadd is the Brand Manager of Online Travel Insurance provider She is a travel enthusiast who loves writing about all things 'travel', from industry news to top destinations.

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