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Skeleton Embarks on Gap Year

Backpacking around the world on a gap year is a fantastic way to meet new people, see the sights and gain some valuable experience for your CV. But when it comes down to packing for your trip, it can be difficult to choose what to bring with you and what to leave behind; being ruthless is a hard thing to do!

But for one woman, her backpacking adventures around the world included not just a backpack, but a full (after)life-sized model of a skeleton!

Susan Weese from Albuquerque, New Mexico, has begun her worldwide travels with her frightening friend, Samantha the Skeleton. Samantha is a keen traveller and so far his visited New York City's Empire State Building, climbed to the tops of Paris' Eiffel Tower and enjoyed the sights of Venice on a gondola ride.

The 42lb skeletal model travels as oversized baggage, meaning that it can be quite difficult for Susan to get it through customs and security.

Although a little out of the ordinary, this is not the first time that strange objects have been travelling. Other famous expeditions included an Irish hitch-hike with a fridge by comedian and professional skateboarder Tony Hawks. His trip was inspired after passing a man at the side of the road ironically, with a fridge, and signing a £100 bet from his friends that he couldn't do the same thing - challenge accepted and accomplished.

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