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Ryanair Announces Record Passenger Numbers for August

For the Irish based budget airline who previously has had a not-so-great reputation in the past, recent sales figures show that it definitely pays to be nicer to customers! The airline has announced that website and sales traffic for August 2015 compared to the same month last year has grown by 10%, which is 10.4 million customers, simply by losing the tough luck attitude and being a bit more charming to customers. Evidence of the higher sales this year was anchored simply based on the increase of jets flying at full capacity, which is currently at 95%, an increase of 2%.

The low cost no frills airline has been desperately pushing to increase its customer happiness and satisfaction using a programme called 'Always Getting Better' in a bid to boost sales and woo potential new business class customers. A string of new changes and improvements have already been made such as new seats with additional legroom, improved in-flight meals, extra carry on luggage allowances, as well as the eagerly anticipated allocated seating - and the low cost airline promises that customers have much more to look forward to in the future such as a revamped aircraft interior and new uniforms for the cabin crew (for those who aren't fond of the current yellow and blue eyesore).

Ryanair Chief Executive, Michael O'Leary, who is renowned for his outspoken behaviour regarding customer service announced he would be putting the needs of the customer first and 'be nicer' which has already proved to be a success which has seen passenger traffic as a whole increase by 11 per cent since the 'Always Getting Better' campaign was launched. All of this is a complete turnaround for the airline, with previous unpopular ideas including replacing 10 rows of seats with a standing area as well as charging customers to use the toilet. Chief Marketing Executive, Kenny Jacobs, said "œRyanair customers can look forward to more service-enhancements in the autumn, as we continue into the second year of our customer service programme. We plan to introduce a new website, new app, a new car hire service, redesigned cabin interiors, new crew uniform and so much more."

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