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Quad Biking in Boa Vista

At Alpha, our staff members are passionate about visiting new destinations and trying out new activities. One of our customer service advisors, Yoli, went to visit Boa Vista island during the Summer months and tried her hand at quad biking for the very first time! In this post, Yoli shares her story alongside some tips for the perfect adventure!

A couple of years ago we were thinking to book a beach holiday and a friend told us about The Cape Verde islands, in particular Boa Vista. Boa Vista is a small island; one of nine set in the Atlantic between Africa and South America and is mainly untouched by tourism. It has strong Portuguese roots and is a great place for water sports such as wind surfing, kite surfing and snorkelling.

We booked our entire trip and visa online as it was really easy and straight forward to do.

When we first arrived, we both agreed the hotel looked amazing and resembled a huge sandcastle. We had a lovely room, the food was good and the staff members were welcoming and friendly. The beach itself outside the hotel was beautiful; it seemed to go on for miles, lots of sand dunes and palm trees.

Inside the hotel were two swimming pools alongside a specialist activity team (one of the highlights of the holiday!). The activity team were really helpful and always full of fun; they ran archery, beach aerobics, beach volley ball and various other swimming pool games.

We decided to do one of the activity team's organised trips, which was a four hour quad bike trip. I have never been one for the adrenalin rush, however I do like to keep fit and actively seek upcoming opportunities - this year I took part in a charity bike ride of 45 miles on the back of a tandem! So being the optimist and seeing how keen my husband was, I decided to give it a go!

When we turned up for the trip we were given helmets and were told to wear scarves round our faces as we were advised it would be a dusty ride.  I quickly found an adrenalin rush as we sped over sand dunes, passed a huge cave (the guide said the locals held parties here) and arrived at the local town for a stop off. The town itself had lots of stalls set out on the ground selling jewellery, little ornaments and locally painted pictures.

Driving along the long stretches of Santa Maria beach was the best part of the trip. Some of the tour guides stopped for a spot of bodysurfing (with no boards). It was amazing to watch them as despite the rough sea, they were very good!

The most amazing memory of that holiday was what it all led to, it has changed our lives and made me realise that you have to take chances. You have to life each day to the fullest, don't pass up opportunities when travelling and have an open mind.

Oh definitely! My husband had such a stupid grin on his face the whole time we were on the quad bike, I decided in that moment that I would let him get a motorbike. The saying "œlife is too short" is very true and so I thought 'why not?'

When we got home, I confessed that I enjoyed the quad bike ride as much as he did. We then spent the next few weekends looking for our own bikes, trawling round bike shops until we found a pair that would suit us. We spent most of the Summer and Autumn months touring round the South East, and we love it!

A woman doing yoga on the beach while on her travels

Boa Vista is a beautiful island which is rapidly changing as more people visit and is fantastic for its sports. However I would strongly recommend going soon before it becomes too busy as a travel destination. As for quad biking, I would advise you to simply hold on and enjoy the ride!

We hope that you enjoyed this post, is this something that you would like to do too? Why not let us know in the comments. For more travel inspiration take a look at our Tips and Advice section.

As with all sports and adventure activities abroad, make sure that you have the correct travel insurance cover for the duration of your trip to protect you from any nasty surprises.

Live life to the full, with Alpha Travel Insurance!

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