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Planning a Wintersports Break

Skiing or snowboarding down powder-filled slopes on a Winter break is a fantastic holiday idea to suit all ages and abilities. Imagine the thrill of reaching the top of the slope, kicking off and feeling the rush of the wind and the hearing the crunch of snow under your feet. Pure adrenaline to its fullest...

When planning a Winter break, many people start out by working out what is most important to them. So when planning your snow filled break, are you looking for somewhere that has guaranteed snow, or is it more essential to have ski to door accessibility? Do you hate long plane trips or do you embrace the journey? Read on for our tips to help you decide where to go, what to bring and how to plan your awesome Winter break.

Resorts, Skill Level & Ski Schools

When researching your resort, make sure that it has all the facilities you are looking for. If you're travelling with the family, you may want to consider if it is child and family friendly; whereas if you're a total beginner, you may be looking for ski or snowboard lessons. Lessons will need to be pre-booked in advance, but can be very helpful if you're a total beginner looking to be the next Ingemar Stenmark!

Budget and Location

When planning a Winter break, it is important to think about the cost involved and what you can afford. Are you looking for a break on a budget or a lavish holiday? Which brings us on to the important question: Europe or Worldwide?

If you're travelling with children, it is important to think about their needs (and whether a long haul flight is likely to take its toll) when choosing a Winter destination. Many destinations are perfect for squeezing in to a one week school break with travelling time taking just a couple of hours, whereas other destinations will require a longer time frame so that you can relax and recover from the flight if jet lag starts to kick in.

If cost is an issue, you may want to consider looking for a destination which is closer to home, such as France; whereas if you are looking to explore somewhere new, you may want to go further afield, such as Japan. You may have always wanted to visit a certain country, so why not swap the annual sunny holiday and combine the two together: exploring a new destination with a Winter break on the slopes! Bear in mind that if you're looking for a destination that has guaranteed snow, we recommend booking a high altitude resort. Whether you decide to Europe or Worldwide, here are our favourite Winter destinations to get you started:


Are you looking to bring your own equipment or hire it? If you are hiring, would it be better to hire from your ski resort or a specialist shop? How much will this be for you and the whole family? If you're an upcoming snow enthusiast, you may want to hire your equipment first and then invest in some of your own gear once your ability increases. Although, bringing your own equipment may incur additional charges from your airline carrier, so it is important to weigh up the pros and cons before booking.


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