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Passenger Stung $1,200 for Use of Flight Wi-Fi

Whether it's sending a text message, calling a friend or catching up on social media there's no arguing that technology has become an important part of our everyday lives. So when we head abroad on holiday, it's no surprise that our mobile phones, music players and laptops come along for the journey as well in the hopes of staying connected with friends and family back home.

However one of the downsides of plugging in your technology whilst on foreign soil is the increased cost of running them - roaming charges of connecting to a different mobile network can incur fees and there is also the tricky search of finding the holy grail that is Wi-Fi. However whilst some of us would prefer to leave the technology at home and enjoy our well-deserved holidays, one Canadian traveller was shocked to find out he had racked up $1,200 (£750) worth of Wi-Fi charges on a Singapore Airlines flight for using what he thought was just $28.99.

The 'sky-high' bill was a complete surprise for Toronto businessman Jeremy Gutsche, who stated that he had view 155 website pages (mostly email) and uploaded one Powerpoint presentation which alone took an hour to upload. Upon receiving the airline bill, he immediately complained to the company accusing them of ripping off passengers who use their mobile devices to pass the time on flights or catch up on work.

The airline defended itself by saying that customers are able to choose from a variety of different packages all offering different pricing and time options.

Reading the small print when using internet in-flight or whilst at your holiday destination is important to ensure you don't end up with any hidden surprises. We all like to take our technology abroad with us - free Wi-Fi can be found in cafes, restaurants or your hotel and it's important to make sure that your anti-virus and security software is up to date for extra protection.

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