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Passenger Disembarks Plane Using Emergency Exit in Order to ‘Get Off Quicker’

An impatient airline passenger has been arrested for opening an aircraft's emergency exit after landing in order to simply 'get off quicker' - costing £10,000 and a two hour delay through activating the emergency slide.

The China Eastern flight was travelling from Xi'an to Sanya Fenghaung International Airport in Hainan to which a passenger had used the emergency exit after the plane had arrived which resulted in deployment of the emergency slide.

When the passenger in question was quizzed as to why he had broken the rules and used the emergency exit, he replied that he had simply wanted to 'get off the plane quicker' and said he had not listening to the on-board flight instructions, claiming he did not know that the exit was not to be used for disembarking the flight other than when in an emergency situation.

The on-board flight crew tried to prevent the slide from deploying but unfortunately were not quick enough; the passenger was subsequently arrested for his actions.

This incident occurred only days after a Chinese woman scaled a flight attendant with a full cup of hot water after being told that her allocated seat was not next to her boyfriend. The incident happened on a China Eastern Flight from Bangkok to Nanjing and left the flight attendant in pain and needing urgent medical care.

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