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Packing for a Winter Holiday

The winter season is a fantastic time to take a trip abroad. Some like to look for destinations that boast warmer weather, whereas many like to seek the colder climates for snowboarding, skiing or to try to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. If you're one of those travelers who are planning a trip to a colder climate, when it comes to packing there are a few extra things you need to remember to bring with you. Things like coats and boots are essential for you to keep warm and dry, yet they are bulky and take up valuable space in your suitcase. So what do you do?

To help you on the road to becoming a savvy winter traveler, we've put together our top travel tips below so that you don't forget those all-important essentials!

Coats and Bulky Items of Clothing

If you have a large coat, don't pack it, wear it! Coats are probably the largest and bulkiest item of clothing that you will bring with you on your travels, therefore the solution is to wear it through the airport and bring it with you on to the plane. Coats that have huge pockets are great for storing your gloves, hat and scarf in too, so that you can be properly prepared for the change in climate as soon as you step off the plane. For children (or adults!) that are prone to losing one glove, sew them together using a long piece of string or cord and thread this through the arms of their coat. This way you will never lose them again!

Winter weather means that you will tend to bring other heavier items of clothing such as jeans and jumpers, which also take up weight and space when packing. Instead consider taking lots of lighter clothing such as long sleeve t-shirts and cardigans, layering up your look. Layering clothing is actually proven to be a better way of keeping warm as body heat is trapped between each layer. You can then wear your coat over the top to keep snug and warm.


Boots are another hard to pack item and can take up a lot of your baggage allowance in weight alone! As with your coat, wear the boots through the airport instead of packing them in your suitcase. However, choose a pair of boots that are easy to remove if necessary, such as when you arrive at airport security; boots with zippers are a good choice. If you insist on packing these items in your suitcase, the inside of the shoes can be used to pack small items of clothing, such as socks or toiletries.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy

When travelling to a colder climate, you may find that your skin is drier than usual due to the cold air. To ensure that your skin stays looking healthy, drink plenty of water throughout the entire duration of your trip as well as packing some moisturizer and hand cream. Applying moisturizer regularly can be really helpful, but it is important to remember that any cosmetics or creams that you take on board the aircraft need to adhere to the 3-1-1 rule (3.4 ounces and in one clear zip lock bag). Put your moisturizer in a small bottle that complies with airline regulations, or alternatively pick some up when you arrive at your destination if possible.

Wrapped Gifts

If you are transporting gifts and presents with you for friends and family members, make sure that you leave these unwrapped in case they need to be checked by security. You can always bring paper with you for these to be wrapped on your arrival. Some items will be allowed in your hand luggage, however all items need to adhere to airline rules and regulations so make sure you check these beforehand with your carrier.

Travel Insurance

Purchasing a specialist winter travel insurance policy is essential to help protect you and your luggage. Pack your important travel insurance documents and relevant contact information in your hand luggage so that they are not lost or misplaced.

Skis and Sports Equipment

If you're planning to bring skis or snowboards with you for your winter holiday, most airlines will charge you a fee per bag or per item, whilst others will apply additional size and weight restriction charges too. In some cases, it is actually cheaper to rent your equipment once you arrive at your destination. If in any doubt, contact your airline provider before you travel to avoid any nasty hidden surprises.

What items are on your list for a winter holiday? Why not let us know if we have forgotten anything by leaving us a comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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