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Most Annoying Things About Hotels (And How To Deal With Them)

Nothing beats a good night's stay in a hotel, especially if the bed is comfortable, the curtains only let in the right amount of light (if any), you can't hear the guy next-door thoroughly enjoying EastEnders re-runs and you have a reading light that works - so it makes it a little annoying when we come across a hotel that's got some...quirky features that just frustrate us further.

Poorly-placed plug sockets
No electrical outlets near your bedside table or nightstand? How are you supposed to charge your phone in the socket that is inexplicably positioned behind the door to the room?

Pack a small extension cord. Not only is this a good idea for when you're travelling and sharing a room when everyone has to charge their gadgets at the same time, but it also gives you some extra length if the power outlet is poorly placed.

Thin curtains
On some occasions it can be nice to wake up to the morning sun, but in summer when sunrise hits 4am and you're wide awake in your hotel room - it isn't favourable.

Pack your own eye mask. Whether you have thin curtains or you're in the same room as someone who likes to keep the light on, an eye mask will provide you with sweet relief from the light when you want to sleep.

Loud hallways
With people slamming their doors, getting in late, shouting down the entire length of the corridor or even just chatting outside your room, it isn't always possible to get that dream peaceful retreat you thought you'd booked.

Some hotels can book you a room on a quiet floor away from the lift or stairs, but only if you ask. If you can't do this, pack sturdy earplugs.

Slow or expensive WiFi
It's easy to think nowadays that WiFi is a given but if you're away and expect to be able to connect with friends and family without it crippling your bank account or taking hours, make sure you bring your own hotspot to ensure you'll never be at the mercy of a hotel's WiFi again.

Awkward light switches
That fancy light hanging may look awesome, but why does it have the most confusing or even hidden light switch? It just makes getting up in the night awkward and you're more likely to stub your toe on things.

Pack a portable flashlight, or use the app on your phone. You can use this if you need to get up in the middle of the night and navigate yourself to the bathroom instead of fiddling with an awkward knob for a good ten minutes.

What are your top hotel pet peeves? Maybe it's the cringey bedcovers or the fact that they offer you coffee, hot chocolate and a delectable array of biscuits but hide the charges? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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