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Monarch Airlines Passenger Showed ‘No Remorse’ After Starting Fire

West Midlands police are currently investigating into a case in which a male passenger has allegedly started two small fires whilst on board a Monarch Airlines flight from Birmingham to Sharm el-Sheikh. A potentially serious incident, the two fires were started on August 27th in a plane carrying 201 passengers and 7 cabin crew, and as a result the blazes made the plane completely unserviceable leaving holidaymakers stranded in Egypt.

Upon the fires being extinguished by cabin crew and the plane safely landing in Egypt, a passenger on board the flight made a statement to police who were waiting for the A321 aircraft. The passenger described that a male on board had started the small blazes in the plane's toilet cubicle whilst smoking and shouting abuse at the cabin crew, naturally terrifying both the witnessing crew and passengers. Another passenger praised the Monarch staff for the way they dealt with the events on board and described the man in question as 'showing no remorse' as he was escorted off the plane upon landing.

The plane was deemed 'unable to fly' after the incident with tourists due to fly back to England the same day left stranded for nearly 24 hours. Those that were unable to fly home were provided hotel accommodation on behalf of the airline.

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