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Mexican Man Survives 14 Months Stranded at Sea

Last week Jose Salvador Albaniaga, a keen fisherman from Mexico, has been found safe and well after disappearing last year at sea.

Albaniaga had left the shores of Mexico in September 2012 for a 3,400km trip to El Salvador. However, trouble struck when his 24ft fiberglass boat lost power on December 21st 2012 and the sea dragged them further and further away from his destination.

The total trip lasted 14 months and a total of 8,000 miles floating across the North Pacific Ocean.

Originally he embarked on the journey with another teenage fisherman, although the teenager died at sea four weeks after the boat lost power. Albaniaga managed to survive by catching fish, eating birds that landed on his boat and drinking his own urine to keep hydrated. He had no fishing gear in the boat to keep him survive and so everything that he ate was caught with his bare hands.

Thankfully, Albaniaga was spotted on January 30th by a Norwegian student as his boat drifted ashore the coast of Ebon Atoll near Australia. As a result he had been found to have low blood pressure and was dehydrated, but luckily had no serious illnesses. He is now on the road to making a full recovery.

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