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Men Splash the Cash on Pre-Travel Grooming

It is a common theme when we go abroad on holiday to prepare in the weeks, or even months, before you're due to travel. Hitting the gym to get the beach body you've always dreamed of, or treating yourself to a new sunhat and bikini is a common theme among those with upcoming trips booked. Stars from The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea are known for their love of keeping well-presented, however when it comes down to pre-travel grooming, it appears that men are more enthusiastic than women about splashing the cash.

A new survey has revealed that 19% of men who were travelling to Marbella, Spain spent £400 on various beauty treatments such as tanning as well as new attire, compared to just 8% of women who spent the same amount. The research was conducted to find the most 'Marbs' person in the UK, and set out to compare the different male and female holiday preparation habits. It showed that over one quarter of people who had holidayed to the popular Spanish town resort had spent between £200 and £300 on preparations alone, such as haircuts, waxing and tanning - and that's not even counting accommodation, transport fees and entertainment!

For those who are going to France, Portugal or Italy, however, the costs were much less extreme when it comes to pre-travel planning (and thankfully a bit lighter on the wallet), with just £50 being spent on treatments.

The survey itself proves that shows such as The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea are very influential with audiences when it comes to holidays abroad. People want to look good whilst on the beach and the survey highlights the extreme lengths financial wise that holiday makers will go to!

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