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Mature Travellers Favour Old Party Hotspots

It seems to be a fundamental rite of passage for teenagers to go on a clubbing holiday - that first holiday abroad with a group of friends instead of your parents. With affordable flights, accommodation, food and as much as you can drink, European islands like Zante, Magaluf and Ayia Napa are hugely popular and brimming with young adults and teenagers every summer. The Inbetweeners Movie or the Kevin and Perry Go Large film are prime examples of young adults and teenagers who can't wait for their first taste of foreign freedom.

Surprisingly, there's been a significant rise in the number of over-40s travelling back to their own first-holiday party resorts and joining in on the vibrant atmosphere that the hotspots hold.

Over a third of older 'retro ravers' have been reliving their youth year on year, a study by Broadway Travel has revealed.

"œThose caught up in the holiday bubble are savouring the escapism that a change of scene and the anonymity of being abroad afford and clubbers that grew up during the 80s are reliving the excitement of their youth," said Jason Waldron, who works for the company.

The nightlife is one of the best reasons that people seem to visit the European islands - a vibrant whirlwind of colours and music, it's easy to understand why so many are lured into the escapism that clubbing holidays offer. The island offers its visitors a perfect bubble away from the doldrum of everyday life, especially for those with 9-5 jobs back in the UK.

With the increased age of these new clubbers, comes the increased budgets - holiday resorts are finding that there are more and more older people willing to splash out while they're away, choosing to spend money on preferable luxury accommodation than the cheaper budget hostels and hotels that cater for the teenage and young-adult crowd.

Younger people also tend to book holidays to the clubbing hotspots last minute, the older generations tend to book well in advance, ensuring they have secured their flights that depart at more sociable times, and better accommodation.

Despite resorts like Ayia Napa and Magaluf developing more downmarket reputations in recent years, many resorts are starting to improve their image due to the increase in older and more affluent tourists, developing more luxurious accommodation to attract those who are more willing to spend their money.

Most of the top clubs in Ibiza cost ‚€60 for entry, with drinks costing from above ‚€10 each, which often proves to be too expensive for the average young-clubber budget, but more affordable for those who are slightly older.

Clubbing holidays first became traditional about 25 years ago, with people flocking to resorts such as Ibiza for days spent on the beach and nights spent drinking cocktails to resort DJs - many of who now claim celebrity status, as tickets for events and sets sell out within a few days months in advance. People from all over the world visit these tiny European hotspots for the very experience which has enticed older travellers to return year on year, making the resorts some of the most multi-cultural places on the planet. Live music events and bars which encourage games give you excellent opportunity to mix with other people and make new friends. These holidays can be the experience of a lifetime - and you could experience it more than once!

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