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Japanese Tourist Travelled 6,000 Miles to Take a Photo of a Bridge He Couldn’t Find

Visiting a foreign land in the hopes of spotting and photographing iconic landmarks is all part of the holiday routine. However for one Japanese tourist, it all became a bit too much as he turned back round to go home after travelling 6,000 miles in the hopes of finding a famous bridge in Warrington - but couldn't find it.

Keen photographer from Tokyo, Taichi Kondo, 37 visited Cheshire last year in the hope of getting snaps of the Warrington Transporter Bridge, which has been named the last remaining rail transporter bridge in the entire world. However, he was left severely disappointed after travelling nearly 6,000 miles in his quest to take photos of the bridge and not able to find it, despite searching Warrington and the surrounding areas.

Despite being more than 76ft high the bridge is notoriously difficult to find, therefore Mr Kondo looked for comprehensive directions before he embarked on his trip. He found these on the 'Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge' website and hoped they would help him with his search, although find them to be too complex. Margaret Ingham, chairman of the website and group explained, "œThe bridge is extremely difficult to find and many residents of Warrington do not know of its existence, hence why we have included detailed directions on our homepage."

Happily, Mr Kondo and his wife eventually found the 1915-built grade two listed bridge on a September return visit to Warrington's River Mersey.

Mr Kondo, who is a professional horse racing photographer, takes photos of bridges as a hobby in his spare time and holds private exhibitions at Canon galleries across Asia. Mr Kondo has plans to re-visit the Warrington bridge site at a later date to take photographs of it from different angles and perspectives in different seasons. He plans to include these photographs within a themed photo exhibition of world transporter bridges.

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