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International Ways of Getting Engaged

Whilst we're used to the traditional on-one-knee moment here in the UK (and in many other Western countries) there are hundreds of ways people propose marriage to their other half in countries across the world - some have chosen to stay close to their roots and still carry out this sort of proposal whereas others have ditched their traditions in favour of the more mainstream style.

However, if you're thinking of proposing to your other half on your upcoming holiday, and you want to surprise them, why not try out some of these internationally traditional methods?

Ireland allow their female residents to take matters into their own hands if they feel they've been waiting too long for their significant other's to pop the question. Ancient legend dictates that women were granted permission to propose on a leap day, every four years when we get the 29th of February. Legend has it the Irish saint Brigit of Kildare managed to convince St Patrick this after voicing the concerns of hundreds of Irish women about their prolonged pre-engagements. If your other half is a little bit commitment-phobic, there's no time like the present to work up the nerve to ask them - you have more than a year to convince them to say yes!

In Thailand, the weight of the gold is everything that matters. During the engagement process, Thong Mun is a ritual which literally translates as 'gold giving'. The Groom-to be showers his fiancé with gold. How much is sprinkled over the bride by the groom depends on the groom's wealth, as well as the other various shows of wealth that the bride-to-be has also bought to the table.

Rings are a huge part of being committed to someone for life, and this is a traditional prevalent throughout many cultures. In Brazil, the wedding ring is often seen as a physical symbol of a man being physically committed. After the proposal, men also where an engagement ring on their right hand before it's replaced or moved to the left hand after marriage.

Turkey have a unique way of finding The One. If you're fed up of okcupid, plentyoffish or Tinder, than why not pursue the Turkish way of doing things? 'Gé¶ré¼cé¼lé¼k' is a Turkish word meaning the process taken out by families when deciding upon a potential wife for the unwedded men in the family. It's also kind of a go-between, allowing female relatives and friends free access to investigate and interview any prospective bride. Once relatives from both sides of the family agree that they are a perfect match, the arrangement is confirmed at an 'agreement to marry' ceremony, where the couple exchange rings and become officially engaged.

If none of these traditional ways of proposing really appeal to you, you can always go about it the traditional way, or in a way which is special to you and your partner. Why not pick a destination that's unique or special to both of you? Make sure you invest in good quality travel insurance which will cover not only you and your partner, but your possessions (especially that very special ring!) for your trip.

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