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How to Use Social Media to Get a Free Hotel

From Myspace 'Top 5s' and Bebo 'Loves' to Facebook 'Likes' and Twitter 'hashtags', it's safe to say that social media has grown significantly in popularity over the last decade - and it is not just an online-only phenomenon anymore. Social media is now ingrained into the medium of television with prime-time viewing programmes such as The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing encouraging us to talk about our favourite shows as they are happening, with the use of hashtags and Facebook page voting to gain instant feedback on the show.

Social media is a great tool for those who are fans of these sorts of shows to connect with one another, in real time, and discuss similar interests. As a result, many businesses and brands now also recognise the importance of social media, with overseas hotels now rewarding customers with free overnight stays in return for social media promotion.

The Nordic Light Hotel, Sweden

If you have 100,000 Instagram followers, 2,000 private Facebook friends or 100,000 fans on a Facebook page, this hotel will gift you seven nights at the hotel for free every year - not bad! In return the hotel requires you to publicise your stay, by sharing a post when you make a reservation, another one at check in and a third when you check out. Each post must contain the website address of the hotel as well as their Facebook page.

Rooms at this hotel are not cheap at around £230 per night, so this makes a fantastic saving in return for three shares to your social media pages. The décor is very atmospheric with a white modern look alongside pops of colour and ambient mood lighting.

The Unique Boutique 1888 Hotel, Sydney, Australia

The owners of this hotel down under state that every single detail in this hotel has been designed with Instagram users in mind. With a woodland feel in its colour pallet of browns, wood and monochrome colours, those visitors who have over 30,000 Instagram followers can enjoy a free one-night stay. The hotel boasts that 'every level has a view' with more free nights at the hotel able to be won, being awarded to those lucky few who take the best snaps of the furniture and rooms and publishing them online.

Sol Wave Hotel, Mallorca

Previously we've written about the Sol Wave Hotel, but we love this one so much we thought it has to be included again in the list. With a fitting blue and white colour scheme, guests are encouraged to socialise with each other via an exclusive guests-only app - guests are able to tweet each other, share photos, see who's online and also flirt with each other by sending a virtual kiss using the hashtag #SocialWave.

Two Twitter concierges are also on hand to greet guests to the hotel via Twitter as well as responding to any room-service requests such as restocking the minibar fridge using hashtag #FillMyFridge and serving food or drink straight to the poolside by tweeting the @SolWaveHouse Twitter account. And if that wasn't enough, each Friday guests are invited to the #TwitterPoolParty and receive a free drink!

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