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How to Minimize Jet Lag

The majority of people understand why jet lag occurs but of those, 67% didn't know how to cope when it happens. At Alpha we know how hard it can be when multiple time zones can wreak havoc with your body clock, and so we present our 'how to' guide to minimize the effects of jet lag - why not print it and take it with you!

Before You Leave

To avoid jet lag disturbing the first few days of your holiday as your body acclimatizes to a new time zone, you may need to think ahead and synchronize your body clock before you travel. You can't avoid jet lag, but with a few tips you can minimize the symptoms.

When on the Flight

When on Holiday

Sleep Etiquette Checklist

Do you find yourself lying awake at night and not able to sleep? Check through these possible causes that could be preventing you from entering the land of nod.




Watch our jet lag video!

Like your information visual? We've created this video to help you understand what jet lag is and what you can do to prevent it.

Have we missed anything out? If you have any secrets of your own to prevent or cure jet lag, why not share them with us and other travellers! If you enjoyed this article, please help others to minimize jet lag by using the social share buttons.

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