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How To Have A Happy Holiday

Happify, a website whose sole aim is dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games have put together an infographic detailing how to ensure you have a happy holiday, and here are the findings:

Plan ahead

If you start planning early, you're more likely to have a stress-free holiday. Around 90% of people said that their happiest holidays were the ones that were planned more than a month in advance.

The most important things you should do in advance to make sure that your trip is worry-free? Familiarise yourself with the destination, have (at least) a rough itinerary, and finally figure out how you're going to get around.


The infographic also revealed that anticipating a trip makes us even happier than the holiday itself. Holidaymakers apparently get a bigger happiness boost in the weeks before their trip than in the weeks after the holiday has ended. In order to make the most of the anticipation-boost, research all of the fun places you want to visit, create a playlist for your holiday, watch movies about where you're going, read a novel that takes place in your destination or talk to a friend about your holiday.

Taking more frequent, shorter trips keep people happier than taking a longer (more likely to be stressful) holiday. That anticipation burst keeps our happiness levels up longer if we take several short breaks over one long holiday.


Making sure you don't try and fit everything is another key to happiness, with over half of people saying we're much happier after a holiday has ended if we felt 'very relaxed' on it - so don't stress about seeing all of the sights, make sure your relaxation and enjoyment is what comes first. Unfortunately, the survey revealed that one in ten of us can't relax at all on holiday!

Travel with others

Studies also show that travelling with other people, either family or partners means that we feel we have strengthened personal bonds with that person, improved communication channels and travelling has even been shown to reduce the possibility of divorce! The infographic shows that a US Travel Association survey found that 63% of people found that a holiday or weekend break was important in keeping romance alive, and couples that travel together are more likely to say that they feel very close to one another, they share similar goals and desires, have fun and laugh together and that they handle differences well.

Work-play balance

Finding the work-rest balance whilst on holiday is also something that can boost your happiness levels on holiday. 75% of Americans don't use all of their entitled holiday days - on average, they use only half. Whilst on holiday, it's important to get away from it all - tell your boss you don't get connection or signal, make sure you set an out-of-office message, leave your laptop and work mobile at home and seriously consider if you really need to work during your holiday time. 46% of British holidaymakers connect to their email and voicemail when abroad on holiday.

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