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How to Ensure Successful Ski Travel This Christmas

We have been providing specialist ski travel insurance for winter sport thrill seekers, expert and wannabe skiers as well as ski enthusiasts and have been able to gather a great deal of knowledge on what makes a ski holiday successful.

We love to make sure that when our customers go away for the winter, whether tis for a single trip to the Alps or a winter sports activity holiday they can get every bit of enjoyment from their trip - this is why we have created a number of ski travel tips and advices articles for you to benefit from.

A few of our most popular  articles are below including information on; ski safety, budget ski holidays and insuring your ski equipment.

Skiing on a budget

Back in September 2014 we reported on how you can take advantage of low cost ski holidays and still have the full experience. A specific case study that we cover was the opportunity to ski in Austria's Carinthia region for as little as one Euro (or 82 pence in UK money).

Have a look at the full post and see how you can take advantage of some of the best ski travel deals available.

Ski safety

At this time of year a huge proportion of our customers are looking to hit the slopes and enjoy winter travel to some of the top ski resorts and destinations throughout Europe and beyond.

One of the key areas where we like to support our customers is with health and safety tips so that their ski trips can be an enjoyable one, without unwanted accidents or injuries.

Ski safety covers a number of important areas including; safety gear for the slopes, common ski injuries to be aware of and tips for safe ski holidays.

If you want to find out more about safe skiing this winter see our safe skiing post.

Ski helmets - tips advice and important considerations

On family ski trips especially the topic of 'to wear or not to wear a ski helmet' will almost always arise and can often be driven by the actions of peers also skiing at the time.

Whether a parent, a guardian or simply a skier wondering about whether to purchase a ski helmet there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

We strongly believe that wearing protective helmets for skiing should be seen as a priority area - have a look at why this is.

Skiing this Christmas

If you are planning on ski travel this year and have any questions about safety, specialist ski insurance, making the most from your trip, or simply want to discuss activities you are likely to need cover for, have a look at our specialist ski travel cover section of this website or contact us on  0845 2 307 439.

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