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How to Choose the Right Hotel

These days it is very easy to book a foreign hotel using the internet without even leaving your house. But considering you will be staying in a place you've not been to before, it's important not to rush in your booking. Take a look at our top hotel booking tips to get the most out of your search!

Read the Hotel Reviews!

This is important and very useful to determine whether a hotel is worth spending your money on. Use search engines to find travel sites and forums and read what others have to say about their experience. Remember that you have to judge these using your own common sense to sniff out the people who have had genuine problems and the people that can be over-sensitive to a crease in the bed sheets. Look for things such as hygiene standards, level of customer service, and what the surrounding area is like for terms of safety (the most important factor to consider). The good thing about reading reviews is that the negative ones will prevent you from making the same mistake, and the positive reviews will outshine the others.

It is also worth mentioning the cost of the hotel room. An expensive room does not equal excellent quality; as a cheaper room does not equal substandard service. Everyone's hotel experience will be different regardless, but remember that you're taking a gamble if you decide to book a hotel with no reviews.

Ask Questions!

So you've found what looks to be a good place to stay, but consider asking a question in an email and assess the timing and quality of your response. Replying within hours or minutes is best, yet 24-48 hours is judged as the standard acceptable time. However, if you find yourself refreshing your email inbox after a week of no response, then accept that customer service may not be of their highest priority.

Some things to think about and questions to ask...

Check the Location!

If your hotel is located in the middle of no man's land it may be a bit difficult to access any entertainment activities. Why not locate your hotel on Google maps and take a virtual walkthrough of the area? Can you see any restaurants, theatres, shops, cinemas nearby? What about a convenience store if you need to grab some essentials? Generally speaking, the closer you are to the city centre and any tourist attractions, the higher the cost.
Make it a priority to choose a well-known area and check the safety of the surroundings. Prepare yourself in advance to expect the unexpected.

We hope that you have found this guide to be helpful; if you did, please like and share it using the social share links. Where is the best place you have stayed? Let us know!

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