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How to Choose an Adventure Holiday

So you're ready for your next big adventure. Where have you decided to go? What are you going to do? Don't know? Here's the Alpha Travel Insurance guide to choosing an adventure holiday.

Whether you're after adrenaline highs, thrilling sights or just exploring new places, it's never been easier to choose and book an adventure holiday. Making your adventures a reality through using the internet and reading travel blog, reviews and websites ensures that you can tailor your trip just for you.

Choose what you want to do

Arguably the most important point of your trip - choosing where to do your chosen activities can come later, especially if you're not that bothered by budget or destination and are looking solely for a holiday based on the experience you'll have.

Choose where you want to do it

Don't cope well with hot climates? Go somewhere milder, or opt for the super-chilly version. Can't speak Japanese? Head for somewhere different that does the same stuff, that won't be the only place you can go. Want to see Bangkok and zip-wire? Do it - you'll find it.

Think of others

If you're travelling as a family unit or group of friends, make sure you're not being selfish. Plan your trip around what the group wants to do and what they share in terms of expectations and interests - this way no one will be pissed off or disappointed when you get there.

Consider your budget

Always a buzzkill, thinking of your budget can often mean that some areas of the world are out of the question - for now. Make sure that you're booking flights, accommodation and activities that are affordable for everyone on the trip, not just you, and that you have budgeted in for emergencies and look for any cheaper alternatives.

Take out insurance for your activities

Travel insurance often comes with the option of insuring against riskier sports and activities that you may wish on participating in throughout your trip. If you intend on hitting the slopes for a bit during your holiday, then make sure you take out and insurance activity pack for skiing and snowboarding, but if the slopes will be the place you spend the most time, or is the sole purpose of your trip, why not consider specialist winter sports insurance?

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