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How to Banish the Post Holiday Blues

There's nothing better than packing your suitcase full of holiday wear and jetting off to a far flung destination abroad for two weeks of pure sunshine. Holidays are a chance to relax and unwind from the stresses of day to day life, forgetting for those two weeks about work, chores and to spend some quality time with the ones you love. However a recent survey has revealed that once those two weeks are up, women feel the post-holiday blues more than men do.

Is working the real cause of feeling sad?

The results from the survey showed that 53% of women suffer from the post-vacation blues, with a surprising 29% per cent of those saying that they felt 'deflated' and 'demotivated' upon their return to the UK. It's no surprise that some feel sad upon returning home, as the underlying cause points to the overcast and rainy UK weather during what is supposed to be the hot summer season.

Although an overseas trip may just be what the doctor ordered to re-charge your batteries, however the main cause of feeling blue is going back to work, with over a quarter of women feeling the slump before they've even switched on their computer. 19% of women were so overwhelmed they stated that they felt as if they had never been on holiday at all, with 12% who had anxious feelings about getting back into the daily grind. The struggle is definitely real.

Is there any good news?

The good news, thankfully, is that there is hope for those who are battling the post-holiday monsters upon their return to work. Twenty three per cent of women revealed that they used lunch break retail therapy to uplift their mood, splashing the cash and treating themselves to a little something; whereas 22% browsed online holiday deals and started booking their next getaway.

Steps to prevent post-holiday sadness

Furthermore, a good idea if you regularly feel blue after your vacation is to book a few extra days off after you land back in the UK. Having some extra days off at home or indulging in local events and outings allows you to still relax whilst slowly adjusting back into daily life. Stick to your fresh food diet that you enjoyed whilst on holiday, look after yourself and exercise, and try to merge some of the happy holiday moments such as dining or dancing with your everyday life. This way you won't feel such a shock when you return home and are greeted with an overflowing work inbox and a sudden jolt back to working 9 to 5.

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