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How Taking Wintersports Equipment on Holiday Can Triple the Cost of Your Flight

Skiing and snowboarding are popular activity choices amongst those looking for the perfect snow and adrenaline-fuelled holiday. There's nothing better than feeling the crisp crunch of snow under your feet and the wind against your face as you glide down the mountain or slope - a true adrenaline rush like no other.

What's so great about a winter holiday is that it's fun for all ages and abilities, but also affordable.

This season has seen an increased number of families booking winter sports deals at bargain prices but with unexpected airline fees to bring their own equipment, many families will be feeling the pinch for their winter wonderland holiday when they are landed with a higher airfare than first thought.

The airfare comparison website, Skyscanner, has conducted research of the top airlines and the charges for additional baggage charges and luggage restrictions. Companies such as Ryanair (who not surprisingly are the most expensive in the tables), Easyjet, Virgin and British Airways are compared to see which one will offer the better deal for transporting heavy items such as snowboards, ski poles and boots alongside whether these items can be taken within the normal allowance or not.

Additional fees for wintersports equipment are common amongst airlines, with a Ryanair flight originally costing £24.99 each way but a grand total of £189.98 return once 'ski fees' have been added. This can lead travellers to think that they are getting a cheap deal when in fact it is further from the truth.

Airlines such as AirBerlin, AirFrance, British Airways, Delta and United all stated that ski equipment could be taken on board as part of the existing luggage allowance; whereas Ryanair, Virgin, Jet2, Flybe and Easyjet required travellers to pay extra fees.

Before you confirm the purchase of flights for a winter holiday, make sure that you have read the small print (especially if bringing equipment with you) to avoid any nasty surprises. An alternative option is to rent out the gear you need once you reach your destination - doing this may be more favourable than paying airline fees and also means you are not risking your equipment getting damaged in transit.

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