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How Many Holiday Sins Have You Committed?

From stealing items in hotels to skinny dipping in the pool, it appears that when us Brits travel abroad in search of sun, sea and adventure the little devil within us is itching to get out and cause some trouble. A recent survey of 1,000 people revealed the secret confessions of holidaymakers, with stealing from the hotel buffet to be the number one crime committed whilst on vacation, while 29% admitted to stealing from the maid's trolley in order to keep their holiday supplies topped up.

Airline Escapades

The survey revealed that 6% attempt to sneak on to the plane before the correct group is called, whereas once on the plane, 54% enjoy reclining their seat into the person behind without a second thought and 18% get up and walk around the plane when the seatbelt sign is on. Remember, safety first!

Hotel Mischief

Hands up if you've ever lied to hotel or restaurant staff about it being your birthday, honeymoon, wedding anniversary or other special occasion? No? Well 10% of hotel guests who were surveyed had lied to the staff in order to get a free upgrade which included a bigger room with a view alongside a free breakfast! Nearly one fifth of Brits have booked hotels that don't have the luxury of a pool and then sneaked into another nearby hotel in order to use theirs instead. And if that wasn't cheeky enough, 7% of all those surveyed admitted to swimming nude in the hotel's pool - scandalous, the lot of you!

Futhermore, in 2013 a young mother was arrested outside a casino hotel for allegedly swimming nude in a fountain. It is important that whilst you are abroad, to follow any rules and regulations of the country and not get into trouble.

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