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How Do Europeans Spend Their Time?

Branching away from the usual humdrum evening routine and stepping foot into a new bar or nightclub can be daunting if you're not familiar with the local scene. That's why millions of people turn to popular review website and app, Yelp, to search for the best in restaurants, nightlife as well as evening entertainment.

However a recent data report from the popular website, Yelp, has revealed just how varied and bizarre some search requests are! The app looked at queries received over a whole year (from October 1st 2014 to October 1st 2015) and cherry-picked those that held the most search volume for each hour of the day, based on the local time of the individual country. The exercise shows which European countries search for what, and when; but most interestingly, highlights a fascinating view on how our habits differ to those of our neighbours and shows that the search terms it receives from each country varies wildly.

What countries have the most interesting leisure habits in Europe?

We've highlighted some of the key findings from the data below, sorted by country:

If you'd like to take a look at the full list, you can do so below:

18:00 - Restaurants, coffee and massage.
19:00 - Delivery and live music.
20:00 - Bars, shopping and dessert bars.
21:00 - Nightlife, hair and karaoke.
22:00 - Gay bars and 24 hour food delivery.
23:00 - 24 hour stores.
00:00 - Late night food delivery.
01:00 - 24 hour food delivery.

18:00 - Restaurants (Italian, Greek and Sushi).
19:00 - Bar and kneipe.
20:00 - Bars.
21:00 - Breakfast, brunch, shopping & nightlife
22:00 - Friseur (hair stylist).

18:00 - Bars.
19:00 - Restaurants.
20:00 - Music festivals, 14th of July and tobacco shops.
21:00 - Hookah bars, and bars a chica.
22:00 -Nightclubs and dancing.

18:00 - Coffee, fabric stores and post offices.
19:00 - Employment agencies, furniture and gyms.
20:00 - Restaurants and tapas.
21:00 - Kebab and pizza.
22:00 - Elementary schools and dermatology.
23:00 - Pubs, bars and nightclubs.
00:00 - Swimming lessons.
01:00 - Convenience stores.

18:00 - Massages, shoes and employment agencies.
19:00 - Restaurants, pizza and sushi bars.
20:00 - Pubs, home delivery and lounges.
21:00 - Hookahs and nightlife.
22:00 - Bars, nightlife and gay bars.
23:00 - New American.

18:00 - Restaurants and hot dogs.
19:00 - Chinese and pizza.
20:00 - Pubs with live music.
21:00 - Pubs, shopping and taxis.
22:00 - Bars and nightlife.
23:00 - Best Irish Breakfast and 24 hour stores.

Yelp is the brainchild of two former PayPal employees in 2004, who wanted to create a platform for customers to search for and write reviews of local businesses such as restaurants and doctor's surgeries. Today, Yelp boasts an impressive 61 million reviews of businesses in more than 27 countries, attracting almost 40 million monthly website visitors.

Are these searches in the tables what you would expect to see from each of the countries? Why not let us know your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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