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Holidaymaker Suffers Horrific Facial Injuries After Waterslide Fails

Jamie Norman, 27, was on holiday in Benidorm, Spain when a mechanical error with the theme park ride he was on meant that he was left with severe facial injuries, as well as sustaining injuries to his legs and arms.

The VertiGo slide in Aqualandia, Benidorm is one of the world's tallest waterslides. Adrenaline junkies stand in a capsule 110ft in the air, where a trapdoor opens and they plummet down a steep slide into the water.
In this instance, the trapdoor on the ride failed to open all of the way on Jamie's third go, causing him to sustain painful injuries to his legs, arms and face as he dropped. Jamie, an electrician and father-of-two from Radcliffe, Manchester, said: "œI could have been killed. If I had been knocked unconscious I could have lost control and fallen and drowned in the pool. I took an almighty crack on my face. The pool below was full of blood. As I fell, I felt the door scrape all down my legs and arms and then smack into my face."
Despite being in severe pain, distressed and traumatised, he was told by the theme park's staff that they would 'sew him up' after being treated by an on-site doctor. "œThey didn't even bother calling an ambulance," Jamie said.
The waterslide was assessed by staff and reopened ten minutes after the incident even though Jamie told staff it clearly wasn't safe to ride. He was later offered free tickets to the zoo by way of an apology as he was 'ushered to the exit'.
"œIt seemed like they were more interested in getting us out of the place so we didn't cause too much of a fuss - I was in such a daze I went along with it."
Jamie is now recovering back home in Radcliffe but serves as a stark reminder that injuries abroad can happen, despite thinking 'Oh, it won't happen to me'. A recent survey has discovered that the average medical claim is around £900 - not a sum that people would have easily available all the time, either. Despite this, more than one in four of us decide to go on holiday each year without travel insurance.
Chances are, travel insurance isn't something you would have budgeted for, but the chances are you haven't budgeted for a potentially huge medical bill either. Medical expenses abroad are notoriously more expensive than healthcare here, and should you fall ill or have an accident whilst abroad, you will be charged for everything from an ambulance ride to x-rays and painkillers. With a travel insurance policy like the ones that Alpha offer, you can pay a small premium and then enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that should something happen, you're protected.

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