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Help for Applying for a Passport

If you intend on going on a trip abroad, you will need a passport... it is your golden ticket to the world! Read on to find out how and when to apply for your passport alongside all the essential information such as photograph rules, supporting documents and charges.

Passport Requirements

You need to be 16 and over and:

Tip: Applying for and receiving your passport can take at least 6 weeks, maybe longer - don't book anything regarding your holiday before you have it. Applying for a passport is busier between April and September and you may be also asked to attend an interview as well.

Passport Application Form

The form can be completed online here or a physical copy can be picked up from your local Post Office. If you need help filling in the form additional notes can be found here. You will need to attach two identical passport sized photos with your form, so to avoid any delay to your application, ensure that you abide by the standard passport photo rules which are:

If your passport photo is wrong, your application will be delayed further or possibly declined. If applying for a child passport they must follow the standard photograph rules, be on their own and not held. Exceptions to this are:

Supporting Documents

As well as your application form and two passport photos you also need to send supporting documents as evidence of your UK citizenship. If you are a UK citizen from birth or adopted born before 1 January 1983 you will also need to send:

If you are a UK citizen from birth or adopted born on or after 1 January 1983 you will also need to send:

And either one of the following:

If you are a UK citizen but your parents were born in a different country you will also need:

Tip: Full requirements about the supporting documents can be found here. If you are applying for a standard 32 page passport, any supporting documents you send off with your application will be returned to you via second class post. We strongly recommend paying the extra £3 charge to upgrade to secure delivery for the original copies of these items to be returned safely.

Passport Fees

Passport fees will differ depending on whether you are making an application for a child or an adult, as well as whether you complete the application online or via a post office.

Tip: Submitting your application via 'check and send' is usually quicker to process than by post but costs more. Remember that if you are told after you apply that you are not eligible for a passport or you decide to cancel your application, you won't receive a refund.

The Interview

This should last approximately 30 minutes and you will be asked to confirm personal details and information about yourself. All personal and confidential information that you declare is securely destroyed shortly after.

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