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Head to Head – The Next PM

For the first time in 25 years Britain is looking like it might have a female Prime Minister, the last one we had being Margaret Thatcher. There’s been a few contenders both male and female for the top job since David Cameron’s post-Brexit resignation, but it seems it’s all come down to a choice between Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.

So who’s who?

Andrea Leadsom is relatively unknown here in the UK when compared to Theresa May, but to describe who she is briefly; she’s the Minister of State for Energy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change and she supported the Leave campaign during the EU Referendum. She claims she will make swift negotiations with the EU if she becomes PM, however she is not the current favourite for the job after coming second in the first round of voting among Tory MP’s, despite having the backing of Boris Johnson and many well-known others.


Theresa May has been the Home Secretary since 2010 and has more presence within Britain than her competitor for the PM job. Since she announced her candidacy for the Conservative party leadership election she has quickly emerged as a frontrunner for PM after winning 50% of the votes in the first round of voting. She wanted the UK to stay part of the EU.


Who’s Promised What?

Of course there have been many promises in a bid for the Prime Minister job from both parties, but here are just a few:



*Article 50 is part of the Treaty of Lisbon and contains the rules for exiting the European Union. No state has ever left the EU so this process will be new to all.

After the second MP’s ballot, Theresa May finished way ahead with 199 votes and Andrea Leadsom had just 84. Next the conservative members will decide the winning candidate and the UK will have a new PM by 9th September. The winner will be the UK’s second ever female Prime Minister and will have some big shoes to fill. We think it’s great that two women are in the running and it fits nicely with the changes for the UK that are to come, despite the differing opinions on Brexit.

Although members of the public don’t get to elect the next PM, we’d still like to know your opinion on who you think would do the best job so let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

** As of Tuesday 12th July 2016, Andrea Leadsom withdrew from the running for PM leaving the way clear for Theresa May.

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