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Have You Forgotten Any of These Holiday Essentials?

A recent study has revealed that we Brits are rather forgetful when it comes to packing for holidays and trips abroad, with 41% of us forgetting to bring essential holiday items.

Over 15 million holiday items are being forgotten each year, with shoes holding the number one spot as the most common item to be forgotten.

Flip flops came in at number nine on the list. We wonder how you're supposed to get around without packing any shoes on your trip!

The full list:

While these items are left sitting on the kitchen table at home, we do remember to pack other holiday 'essentials' such as teabags, marmalade and brown sauce!

Packing tips:

When packing for your trip, always remember to put your essentials such as your money, keys, all travel and insurance documents, mobile and passport in to your hand luggage. These should not be packed in to your hold luggage, but kept safe with you at all times. It is also recommended to check with your travel insurance provider what is and isn't covered with regards to luggage and personal possessions as you may need to take out additional cover.

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