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Have You Ever Felt Like You’ve Been Waiting Forever For Your Next Flight?

Most of us will have experienced transport delays in one form or another, as frustrating as they may be! This is exactly the situation for Spaniard, Roderigo Ben-Azul who has already been waiting two months for his flight home! Roderigo is currently stranded at Santiago Airport in Chile due to running out of funds, and spends his days finding empty luggage trolleys and returning them to their correct place.

This unfortunate situation mirrors that of Tom Hank's performance as character Viktor Navorski who finds himself stranded at JFK Airport in 2004's 'The Terminal'. Although Roderigo's situation is unusual, if you do find yourself waiting a long time for your next flight - don't despair! Follow our airport tips!

Firstly, remain calm and speak with your airline. A key element is a mutual understanding from both parties - the airline staff will be more willing to help you if you are polite.

Remember that although the airline will do all they can to help you, sometimes it just won't be possible. For instance if your plane hasn't arrived at the airport yet. In this situation, everyone is in the same boat (not literally! Although it probably sounds like a good alternative!)

There are plenty of other things you could do to pass the time, such as:

And lastly, if you find that your next flight will be 24 hours away or more it is a good idea to book in to a hotel.

Remember that purchasing an adequate level of travel insurance can help you in these circumstances. Alpha Travel Insurance offers a range of policies to suit your needs - choose from Single Trip, Multi Trip, Longstay or Wintersports.

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