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Have I Got the Correct Cover?

Travel insurance is an important addition to your trip; without it, you could potentially be faced with costs for delayed flights, lost baggage or even hefty medical bills!

When purchasing holiday insurance for your trip, it is important that you check you are getting the correct cover. With a range of policies to choose from, medical screenings for pre-existing conditions and different activity packs, we understand that it can get a little confusing. At Alpha, we like to make things clear and simple to understand, therefore we've put together our 'Correct Cover' guide to help you check.

What Travel Insurance Policy is Correct for My Trip?

Have I Declared My Medical Conditions?

If you have any existing health conditions, a travel insurance policy generally won't cover any claims made as a result. However, you can agree to pay an additional premium to have these covered under your travel policy, although these may be subject to a higher excess. We define a pre-existing medical condition as any serious or recurring medical condition which has been previously diagnosed or been investigated or treated in any way, at any time prior to travel, even if this condition is currently considered to be stable and under control.

You may have a medical condition that you do not feel the need to declare to us; however it is important that you do. Your condition may be controlled by medication and considered stable, but the underlying condition is still present and therefore needs to be declared. If a claim arises that is linked to a pre-existing medical condition that you have not disclosed, your claim may be rejected and not paid.

To declare a pre-existing medical condition, please contact our Customer Service Team and state that you would like to complete a medical screening.


Pregnancy is still a 'grey' area for most insurers with many approaching it from different angles. If you are pregnant at the time of travel, we are able to provide cover from week 0 to week 28. We do not consider pregnancy in its self to be a 'medical condition' so this does not need to be declared on the policy. However, if you already have (or develop) any related complications as a result, such as gestational diabetes or raised blood pressure, we would need you to inform us and complete a medical screening to get this added on to your cover.

Have I Got the Correct Activity Pack for Sports and Activities?

If you wish to partake in any sports or activities, you will need to purchase the correct activity pack to ensure you are covered during your trip. Activity packs are categorised into 8 pricing bands (4 on Longstay) dependent on the risk involved. Activity pack 1 is included as standard with your policy and no additional premium is required.

If you are not able to find your chosen activity at all, don't worry as we may still be able to provide cover for it. Just contact us and we will be able to discuss your individual needs. Similarly all activities are covered on a non-professional and non-competitive basis, so please ask us if you are unsure.

Have I Chosen the Correct Destination?

When purchasing your travel insurance, the destination/s you are planning to visit will be allocated in to a geographical area category. Our travel insurance policies have six geographical areas which are ranked in this order: United Kingdom (lowest amount of cover), Europe excluding Spain, Europe including Spain, Australasia (Australia & New Zealand only), Worldwide excluding USA Caribbean and Canada & Worldwide including USA Caribbean and Canada (highest amount of cover).

If you are travelling to countries that are in different areas, you will need to select the most appropriate one that holds the highest level of cover for your particular needs.

You can check which countries come under which areas by visiting our dedicated country list.

Am I Planning a Cruise Holiday?

If your trip involves a cruise, we are currently not able to provide cover under our travel policies unless you have purchased the additional cruise extension. We define a cruise as a pleasure voyage of more than 72 hours in duration, sailing on sea/s or oceans and including stops at various ports.

Am I Taking Valuables on My Trip?

Travel insurance policies are not meant to provide cover for valuable items such as iPads and cameras. These kinds of items should be insured on an 'All Risks Extension' as part of your home contents insurance, 365 days of the year. Your travel insurance policy covers items such as clothing, cosmetics, eyewear and luggage as part of the personal possessions section. Each section has a maximum amount that you are able to claim for so please be aware of this when packing for your trip.

If you are planning on taking gadgets with you on your trip, you may be interested in our specialist Gadget Extension. This can be purchased at the same time as your policy, or if you already have your policy, please contact us and we can add this on for you. More information can be found on our specialist Gadget Extension page as well as within your policy wording.

Please remember that a travel insurance policy does not mean 'new for old' cover and a wear and tear deduction will apply in the event of a claim. More information on this can be found at

We hope that this article was informative and helpful to you. Please use the social share links above to help others make sure they also have the correct level of travel insurance cover for their trip.

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