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Google Street Maps Launches Virtual Trek of Grand Canyon

Have you ever wanted to visit and experience the beauty of Arizona's Grand Canyon? Well now you can and without even leaving the comfort of your own home courtesy of Google Street Maps!

Despite the postcard assumptions of the Grand Canyon and nearby Meteor Crater to be a dry wasteland, a total of 9,500 panoramic photos contradict this, illustrating a lush space filled with woodland greenery and life.

The introduction of the Grand Canyon street view aims to educate and inspire those wishing to research before booking their trip. Using Google's street view to take a virtual trek can be used to gather information about a destination in preparation for a planned trip, such as terrain, location and weather - or for those who simply want to learn a bit more.

This type of technology takes the concept of travel to a whole new level, as Google plans to expand their backpacker destinations to include National Parks, Venice, mountains and other popular destinations. Imagine reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb or successfully completing the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu... all via a computer screen.

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