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Good News for Winter Sports Enthusiasts as Holiday Costs Are on the Slide!

For those of you who enjoy a wintery holiday each year, there's good news for all the skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts out there. Winter sport holidays are a popular choice among those looking for an adventurous activity packed trip and we agree there's nothing better than cascading down the slopes on a pair of skis. However for some, the cost of a winter holiday can be a pinch on your wallet with the costs of travelling, accommodation, equipment hire and ski lessons all a contributing factor to the overall holiday cost.

A recent report conducted by the Post Office and Crystal Ski has revealed that prices are in fact becoming cheaper, making the winter sport trip a more affordable choice for those heading abroad this winter.

Ski resorts have plunged their prices downhill at many resorts this season, some as much as 23% compared to last year, which is great value for money. The 23% slide in price was found at the Andorran resort of Soldeu - one of 19 popular winter sports destinations out of 27 surveyed that prices were found to be reduced.

The survey itself examined a variety of contributing factors of a ski holiday including equipment, food, drink, ski lessons and lift passes. The total costs for all of these items was the lowest in Bansko in Bugaria costing £261, with other resorts that showed to be good value included Kranjska Gora in Slovenia costing £300, Ellmau in Austria costing £311 and Livigno in Italy costing £322. The most expensive resort in Europe was Zermatt in Switzerland with a total cost of £687 - ouch!

If you're planning on heading to North America the one resort that stood out as best value for money was Tremblant in Quebec, Canada in which the total cost was £566. Breckenridge in Colorada, USA have reduced their prices by 17 per cent to £682, whereas at Colorado Resort in Winter Park prices have inflated by 21% to £607.

Families can look forward to better prices this year which makes it more affordable for parents to take the kids away on a memorable winter holiday. However it is important to double check the costs of the resort you plan on visiting before you book and do some research to see how much extra things are likely to be; this will enable you to gain a better understanding of how much the total cost of the holiday is likely to be. Costs of ski holidays vary depending on the destination you chose, Europe or Worldwide, as well as the cost of hiring equipment and skiing lessons.

Even small items such as drinks can really start to eat away at your budget - some of the cheapest resorts charge between £1.01 - £2.00 for a small coke, £1.30 - £2.00 for a coffee and £2.27 - £3.57 for a beer; whereas the more expensive resorts charge up to £3.37 for a small coke, £3.65 for a coffee and £4.04 for a beer! These costs can add up to a significant amount, especially if you are buying for your whole family over a 7 days holiday.

If bringing your winter equipment with you on your snowy holiday, it is important to note that some airlines also charge extra money for these items (either by weight or the number of items) whereas others will consider these as part of your normal luggage allowance. Always check and think about potential hidden extras before you commit to your holiday choices.

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