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It started out as a simple email holiday request from security guard Greg Heaslip to what was meant to be just his boss, ending up being sent across his company, Arcadia. In the morning following Greg's request, thousands of Arcadia employees took to social media in bemusement to tell others, with the hashtag '#givegregtheholiday going viral as more and more campaigned that Greg got his time off, all whilst the night-working security guard slept, blissfully unaware that his email request had spurred thousands of people to back his request.

Demonstrating the power that social media has, holiday companies and brand started to back Greg and his campaigning colleagues. Travel company TrekAmerica got in on the action, offering Greg a free trip to Vegas and America's West Coast. Other brands soon followed, offering shopping sprees, free cosmetics and skincare goods and a personal shopping experience for a female companion.

Workers in the offices opposite Arcadia Group also got in on the action, posting a banner with the hashtag #GiveGregTheHoliday in their window so Arcadia could see it.

Arcadia (a retail company who own the likes of Topman, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, BHS and Evans, and probably most notably, one of the biggest retail giants in the UK and solely responsible for the 2012 'chino' trend) has around 42,000 employees across its sprawling sectors.

TrekAmerica then dropped Greg an email detailing what had gone on:

'Hi Greg, I hope you're well and had a nice sleep. I'm sure you've been blissfully unaware of what's been happening today, but are now fully up to speed with recent developments regarding your colleagues' campaign to #givegregtheholiday.

'Well, we thought it would be nice if you really did get that holiday, so we're offering you a Mini Adventure around the USA's west, including flights from the UK to Las Vegas.

'No, this isn't a joke - we're really sending you to Vegas!

'In case you haven't heard of TrekAmerica, we offer small group trips around the USA, Canada, Alaska and Central America and have been around for over 40 years. Our ethos is fun and adventure, which is exactly what we think you'll need after being at the centre of today's Twitter frenzy!'

When Greg did wake up, he revealed to the Daily Mail that he would be giving his free trip to Vegas to the same charity that late cancer patient Stephen Sutton supported, and would be visiting Chessington World of Adventures with his wife and 20-month old daughter instead.

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