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Gatwick Airport Queues to Be Abolished

New things are on the horizon for Gatwick Airport as it unveils plans of becoming the most efficient two-runway airport in the UK. The airport, located in Sussex, has a variety of plans to improve services including a new self-service bag drop, automatic check-in desks and electronic gates at security with the hope of abolishing queues and introduce faster plane turnaround times.

The future of Gatwick Airport was placed in the safe hands of Sir Terry Farrell, an architect who is renowned for the London-based MI6 building, who has come up with the concept of an additional runway. Initial plans for the airport show how passengers are able to make their way from start to finish with ease and speed, which will reduce the overall procedure to just 30 minutes in total.

Expanding the airport and introducing these new features would ultimately mean that Gatwick would match their turnaround times to those quickest in the world; taxiing time would also be reduced from 45 minutes to a mere seven.

The bag drop in particular would hold the title of 'the biggest in the world' with queues eliminated completely with up to 60 virtual bag drops available for customers to use.

The new area at Gatwick is planned to be open to the public in two phases with the first in late 2015 and the second in early 2016.

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