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Friday the 13th Travel Superstitions

Today is Friday the thirteenth and a recent report has revealed that this date, for some, might be the best day to book your travel arrangements (that's if you're not the superstitious kind!). This is down to many individuals choosing to avoid making any bookings on this day... simply because of the fear behind the date! Crazy!

Certain passengers who have severe triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) avoid sitting in plane seats, or even rows, with the number 13. Even some airlines have superstitions... Air France, Ryanair, Lufthansa and Air New Zealand have all chosen to remove row 13 from their flights!

Some hotels across the world remove the number 13 from the elevator floor panel, whereas some skip the floor completely as if it doesn't exist (for example 12, 14, 15). Others rename the floor or simply choose to put it to a different use, such as storage. One hotel that has chosen to rename their 13th floor is The Radisson Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The floor hosts a variety of important events such as wedding ceremonies, therefore to avoid any brides thinking this is bad luck, it was renamed as 'The Pool Floor'.

Thankfully, we have found no evidence that planning your trip on Friday the 13th is unluckier than any other day of the year (although you may be able to grab a great deal if it's quieter!)

Whichever date you decide to travel don't forget your good luck charm! Invest in a quality Alpha Travel Insurance policy to protect you from the unexpected... lost and damaged luggage, cancellation, travel delay and medical expenses are covered on every one of our products as standard.

So forget the date and simply enjoy your trip! Happy travels!

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