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Fly, Somersault and Dive in a New Watersports Experience

Ever wanted to backflip on water, fly and challenge gravity?  Introducing flyboarding - the adrenaline pumping experience that combines jet skiing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding and wakeboarding all in to one. We guarantee that wearing four water jet packs and somersaulting on water is bound to turn heads and get your heart pumping!

What is it and how does it work?

Flyboarding is the brainchild of French jet ski champion, Franky Zapata. Created in 2011, it is a relatively new sport that is quickly gaining popularity amongst adventure seekers and individuals with a love of watersports. It allows the user to fly in the air, dive underwater, hover on water, somersault, the list is endless!

The flyboard consists of a four jet pack mechanism. Strapped to your feet is a pair of boots that contains powerful water nozzles. The boots are then connected to your arm via a hose with a second pair of water jets. The jets in your feet provide 90% of the propulsion. The jets on your arms provide 10% of the propulsion and are used mainly for stability. Think of it in the same way as using ski poles for skiing.

These jet packs will enable you to travel 18.5 miles per hour, fly approximately between 30-45 feet high and go 8 foot deep underwater. The greater the water pressure pumped through the jets, the higher you will go.

The science behind this is that when the water is propelled out of these four jets, it hits the water below and produces a buoyancy 'cushion'. This is what enables you to fly!

Where can I learn it?

If you are now thinking about how awesome it would be to purchase your own flyboard, prices start at a whopping £6,000 and upwards. You will also need to have your own personal watercraft unit to connect it to such as a boat or jet ski.

Hiring the equipment is the simplest and less expensive option, with prices averaging around £50 a session and locations are widely available across the UK.

Travelling the world? No problem - why not learn at:

How long will it take to learn?

Did you know that the process of learning to flyboard is actually very quick and easy to do? On your first lesson, you will learn the basics under supervision from your instructor. Balance is the key to learning to flyboard successfully, with the majority of learners grasping the concept within just 5 minutes!

Once mastered, an instructor will not be compulsory and you will be able to learn some more advanced moves such as somersaulting.

What equipment will I need?

If you are learning through a specialized unit they will be able to provide you with all the equipment that you need. Just put on your wetsuit, snug your feet in to the boots and away you go!

You will be connected to a jet ski of 100 horse power for a person with a weight of 220lb or less. A jet ski with a greater horse power will be required for individuals who are heavier than 220lb.

Tips and things to remember:

Would you give flyboarding a go? Let us know in the comments!

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