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Flight Delayed for 90 Minutes Because Passenger Refuses to Apologise for Complaint

An IndiGo flight was recently delayed by 90 minutes due to a passenger complaining about the late running service. The flight from Delhi to Chennai was held up and passengers were forced to remain on the airport shuttle bus for 35 minutes.

When the businessman complained about the long wait to airline staff, an argument broke out and pilot subsequently refused to disembark from the runway until the passenger had apologised for his actions.

If an apology could not be obtained, the pilot would instruct airline staff to eject the passenger from the aircraft.

The airline claimed that the irate passenger had 'abused' the pilot as he exited the cockpit and had called security staff to help control him. The airline however, had not originally apologised for or explained what the initial delay was to other passengers.

When questioned, IndiGo explained that it was a 'one off case' and that the passengers had to stay on the shuttle bus because airline staff was helping a senior citizen off of the previous flight. The elderly passenger had multiple fractures and needed special care and assistance to help her off the plane without causing pain and discomfort.

What do you think? Was the passenger right to complain for the delay? Should the airline have explained why the service was running late? Let us know your thoughts.

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