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Festivals Feature – Full Moon Party!

The season of festivals might be nearly finished here in the UK, but there’s nothing to stop you travelling to other countries where there’s different types of festivals and celebrations all year long! This week we’re looking at the ever popular and well known Thai Full Moon Party, which everyone knows is one of the biggest and best world festivals amongst travelling backpackers.

Glastonbury backpacking festival

Full Moon Party

When is it?

There are full moon parties throughout the year every month, but the next one is on the 18th August 2016.

What is it?

The Full Moon Party takes place (coincidentally) every month throughout the year. Its attractions include alcohol "buckets", drugs, loud music and dangerous fire skipping. There is a very wide spectrum of music ranging from trance, to drum and bass, to reggae. The party takes place in many clubs along the Haad Rin beach in Ko Pha Ngan.

When did it start?

The very first Full Moon Party was in 1985 and had only 20-30 travellers there. Since then the idea has grown in popularity and it now has around 5000-30,000 partying travellers every full moon. The party carries on all night until the sun rises in the morning, but it’s not without its dangers which we’d advise backpackers make themselves aware of.



Where can I get tickets?

Ticket’s aren’t necessary, you can just turn up at the beach and party the night away!

What other things can I do in Thailand?

We could write a whole essay on what other things you can do in Thailand but we won’t! There’s so much to experience in this country such as the Kho San Road, tuk tuks, street food, temples and Thai culture, but it’s best if you find out for yourself. That’s the beauty of travelling; you have the freedom to go with the flow without making plans that tie you down.

Thailand is a big country so don’t underestimate how long it takes to travel around, and always check the latest FCO advice for the area you’re travelling to. Also remember to get the right vaccinations to ensure you’re protected against any foreign illnesses that you could be exposed to.

Don't forget...

Travel insurance! We can’t stress the importance of this enough, especially if you’re in a foreign country drinking alcohol and being a little bit stupid. If you're going away for a long period of time backpacking and seeing the world, we'd definitely recommend a Longstay policy which can cover you for up to 2 years.


Have you been to a Full Moon Party in Thailand? Tell us about it by tweeting @alphatravelins :)

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