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Festivals Feature – Distortion

It might not look like it, but summer is on the way which means sunny days and festivals! Here in the UK the summer months are packed full of music festivals, but all around the world throughout the year there are different events going on that you might find yourself in the middle of if you’re thinking of going travelling in the next few months.

That’s why we thought we’d put together a bit of a Festivals Feature, so you know the when and where.
We’ve picked 6 of what we think are the most interesting and fun festivals around the world over the next few months, in the destinations we think you lovely lot might fancy backpacking or holidaying to.

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DISTORTION – Copenhagen

When is it?

1-5 June 2016

What is it?

It’s referred to as ‘organised chaos’, with the attendance and popularity increasing year on year. Distortion is a celebration of street life and culture and is one of the largest annual gatherings in Europe. If you’re interrailing, backpacking from afar or simply looking for a bit of fun for a few days, we’d definitely recommend fitting this festival into your schedule. One thing to know is that it moves around; it begins in the streets of Copenhagen, hitting Distortion Nightclub on the Friday and ending in an area not yet confirmed. It’s basically one giant street party parade!

When did it start?

The very first Distortion was in 1998 and was only a one-night party in a nightclub in Tivoli to begin with. In 2000 it became a 5-day mobile festival that was chaotic, small, not 100% legal and it mainly focused on the underground art scene. However, in 2007 when the attendance grew to over 2000 guests, Distortion decided to turn professional and became what is known and loved by thousands today.

distortion festival logo

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are available on the Distortion website and are priced per day but they’re very affordable, starting at 22 euros. There is also a campsite ticket available which is valid for the entire 5 days. Get tickets quickly though as Wednesday and Thursday are already sold out!

What other things can I do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a great city if you’re passing through and looking to experience it cheaply and in a short space of time. It’s quite a small city so it’s easily covered on foot or by bike. The harbour is perhaps the most picturesque and tourist based area where you can soak up the Danish culture and cuisine. This is also where you can find ‘The Little Mermaid’ who is free to visit. If you like art, the National Gallery is a great place to fit into your trip, or if you like beer (and we assume you probably do) you could go to the Carlsberg brewery which is open for self-guided tours.

Don't forget...

Of course it wouldn't be right if we didn't remind you of the importance of travel insurance, so make sure you get yourself some before you go - just in case. If you're going away for a long period of time backpacking and seeing the world, we'd definitely recommend a Longstay policy which can cover you for up to 2 years.  A Single Trip policy is a great choice if you're just paying a short visit to Copenhagen. What's great about our policies though, is that you can add all sorts of different activities to your policy, so if you're planning on jumping out of a plane on your travels for example, and you've added it to your policy, we've got you covered. Not to mention the fact you can choose your own excess to suit your travel needs.

Have you ever been to Distortion? Did you have fun? What was your best bit?

Share this post along with your experience of this festival to help people decide whether to add it to their world festivals list or not!

Next post will be about Glastonbury Festival, UK.

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