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Exciting News at Alpha Travel Insurance!

During the summer months, our customer service team were extremely busy answering your policy queries, making sales, returning call back requests, replying to customer emails, chatting on live chat, completing medical screenings, amending customer details and re-sending out policy documentation. It's a very busy job - we're tired from just reading out that list - however have some exciting news to share with you all. We are moving offices on September 1st!

In a nutshell, we simply did not have enough room in order to recruit the amount of customer service staff that we needed to meet service expectations over the summer. We would like to thank all Alpha customers for their patience over the last few months and would like to share with you the full story of what has been happening behind the scenes below. We look forward to moving and hope that you will join us in the next chapter of the Alpha Adventure!

The beginning of the year

At the beginning of the financial year, the Managing Team at Alpha have to predict the sales forecast for the upcoming year, and set the team targets to achieve. Although the Managing Team predicted that the Alpha brand would grow over the year, we completely beat our expectations in terms of calls and sales by miles.

Waiting times on the phone lines

Customers were saying to us how frustrating it was to be left holding on the phone lines for sometimes 20 minutes at a time, emails were taking longer than usual to be returned, the marketing team were helping to run the 'live chat' system and our meeting rooms were non-existent but filled with eager new staff members waiting to take your calls. You can say it was a little crazy over the summer but we all pulled together to help as much as we could and try and provide excellent levels of service when customers did eventually get through to us on the phones. We don't like keeping customers on hold on the phones, and believe that you should be able to get through quickly.

However, this meant that the amount of customer service staff we had on the phone lines and replying to emails was simply not enough. We had already been recruiting for the summer months, but never imagined us to grow as much as we did, and quickly realised that the amount of staff we had needed to be doubled, if not tripled, overnight in order to meet customer service expectations. And that was no easy task.

What about recruiting more staff?

Some customers asked us why we weren't recruiting more staff if we had an increase in calls. The truth is, we knew we needed more staff and we were recruiting, but we had another problem - space. Our current offices are located on a small working farm in the heart of the Kent countryside. It's a beautiful location that has served us 'home' for nearly 10 years, with flocks of sheep in the fields next to the office windows and 'Bambi' deer that would roam around the surrounding woodland and car park areas. I'm sure that you can appreciate; it's a little bit different! As much as we love our current location, we simply did not have the room available to recruit the amount of people we needed to meet your customer service expectations.

The new offices and plans for the future

The Alpha HQ is being moved from our current location in Tonbridge to a modern premises with more room for expansion in West Malling. We will have lots of room to expand all of our departments including our customer service centre, claims team and emergency assistance, so are really excited about the future. We hope that you are excited too, as the move will allow us to recruit faster and provide a level of service that doesn't meet, but exceed, your customer service expectations at all stages of your policy.

Live life to the full, with Alpha Travel Insurance!

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