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Everything is Awesome in Florida’s New Legoland Hotel

Building with Lego bricks is pure nostalgia for us adults; piecing together an array of brightly coloured building blocks to make a car, a house or a tall tower was the epitome of our childhoods. For all the adult Lego fans out there who still believe 'everything is awesome' about the Lego franchise, a new hotel at the Legoland Resort, Florida, opened its doors on May 15th - and we 100% bet it will bring out the inner child in you.

The brand new hotel is an impressive sight to say the least. The exterior looks like one of those familiar brightly coloured building block houses you would expertly craft together when you were a child. Proudly adorning the top of the hotel is a large green dragon that watches over all those who enter.

Boasting a total of 152 rooms with themes ranging from Indiana Jones and Lego friends to pirates and princess kingdoms, there's definitely a room to suit everyone... now which one will you choose? Possibly the best and most exciting element of staying in these amazing themed rooms is the surprise treasure hunt found in every room, with prizes to be won for those who complete it, as well as nightly Lego building competitions to find the ultimate Lego building champion... we're totally up for that!

Included for the surprisingly affordable price of £138 per night for a family room (not including park tickets of £50 for an adult, £45 for a child aged up to 12 years and £3 for a child aged up to 2), is a full buffet breakfast in the on-site restaurant, nightly entertainment as well as access to the hotel's outdoor heated swimming pool complete with large floating Lego bricks and coloured sun loungers.

All those who book a stay at this new hotel also receive an early-bird access pass that provides exclusive access to over 50 rides, attractions and shows before the park officially opens each day, alongside a separate Water Park. Visitors can experience rides such as pink-knuckle roller coasters to a Lego City and an Imagination Zone, drive their own boats and Lego cars.

Would you visit the Legoland Resort in Florida and stay in a Lego themed hotel? Perhaps you love adventure and the nostalgia of this well-loved toy so would stay here, or perhaps you'd rather relax and unwind in a classy hotel resort. Why not let us know your thoughts?

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