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Equipment Packing Tips

When it comes to packing, many of us think we have got it figured out. Cramming everything you need for a two week break into a mere 10kg of luggage we reckon, is pretty impressive if done well. However what about when it comes down to packing sports equipment safely for travel? If you want to transport your sports equipment safely and securely, check out our top tips to avoid scrapes and damaged kit!


Firstly, check your airline's rules and restrictions with regard to weight, size, and even the number of items you are planning on bringing! Some may require you to check in the baggage, whereas others with let you bring in on to the aircraft as cabin baggage depending on what it is.

However, the majority of airlines will not allow you to bring items such as golf clubs on board, and bicycles must be the fold up type. Sometimes you may need to remove items such as peddles, deflate tyres or other safety precautions, therefore we recommend always checking with your airline before you book and again prior to travel just to make sure.

Always, always, always use a correctly fitted protective case! A hard case is better than a soft one as it will better protect your equipment against bumps and knocks; although these are usually more expensive, it is definitely worth spending the extra money on them. Never choose to transport your equipment outside of the bag as it is simply not worth it - what if you were planning a skiing holiday, and your skis got damaged on the way? Complete disaster!

Travel Insurance

Always remember to invest in quality travel insurance for the entire duration of your trip. Travel insurance will be the most important thing you'll purchase for your trip if your luggage or equipment gets lost, stolen or damaged. Other things travel insurance can help you with include cancellation, travel delay, medical expenses and repatriation. If you're an avid Winter sports enthusiast, take advantage of our Wintersports policy which provides more specialist cover for your equipment.


Do you have any tips for packing your equipment safely for travel, or have you spotted anything we've missed? You can let us know in the comments, or via our social media pages! If you enjoyed this article, why not print it off to take with you on your trip as a reminder or alternatively, share it with your friends and family!

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